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I am tired of looking on to see stock market news and I get 3 to 5 anti-trump pieces daily. If I wanted liberal bias stories purporting to be news then I would go to Huff post, NYtimes or any of the other liberal media also known as the democrats media.

Over half of America doesn't follow these politics. Why do you keep forcing these stories to us??

I don't care if you have something to add news wise, but this adds nothing to business and I am looking for other options. Shame on you CNBC you are losing all trust with me and anyone with half a brain.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cnbc Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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There is sadly no place to go just for business news. CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg are all the same with their political BS.


Then try being an adult and change the channel to Fox.

Beware of Shep's show or you're whiny no life having self will be right back here complaining.