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I watched Scott Wapner’s Interview with Ackman...I assume it is forbidden to question his buddy at CNBC Faber info was like watching elementary school....”you can’t say that about my friend”! And it got more tiresome as the day progressed with every commentator saying what a great reporter Faber is and how wonderful all his reports are!

Puleeze...what is he ... 10 years old! It occurred to me if all would have come to Kernen’s defense in same circumstances..oh..wait...he’s an adult.

My second issue is Cramer comparing Hoffa to CNN...or was it JFK to Trump..or Hoffa to Trump..or CNN to to I am confused...and has it been proven by anyone that Trump is behind any of this? Maybe Faber can report on that...

Product or Service Mentioned: Cnbc Reporter.

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