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Becky Quickn and Andrew are the reason this is a good show, it would be a great show without joe kernan. Not sure why the network has such loyalty to a commentator who mumbles, interrupts everyone, tries to interject humor but is not funny, and derails topical discussions.

I just tried watching the discussion on Amazon leaving New York.

Andrew was trying to have an intelligent conversation on it only to be constantly interrupted by kernan’s Meaningless comments.

It is painful to continually watch Andrew wait for Kernan to finish his incoherent ranting while Becky sits there and smiles.

Kernan is the worst business commentator on tv. Removing him would make the show great as opposed to good

Product or Service Mentioned: Cnbc Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Joe Kiernan is awful. His Iack of knowledge on so many subjects is amazing.

When Amazon announced they were going to build a hq in Long Island City he actually thought they were talking about a town in Long Island. He kept on talking about the traffic on the LIE. He had no clue they were talking about a section of Queens.

What is even more ridiculous is the amount of hair dye he is usingg. He must be in competition with Lou Dobbs on which anchor could use the most hair dye.


Totally agree !! Kearnan is also often very rude to guests who even indirectly criticize Trump. For years , Rick Santelli stood alone as Squawk Box's main annoyance with his ridiculous rants, but Kearnan is now far worse.


Joe Kiernan has a conservative view. Many others on CNBC including Andrew Ross Sorkin have a liberal view.

There is balance on this show and Joe is very smart and not afraid to call out some guests when they get extreme with their views. Becky is in the middle and she tends to keep her politics to herself.


I agree with your first sentence regarding balance, but Kearnan is snarky and unnecessarily rude to both guests and Sorkin. Kearnan and Santelli's longtime harsh criticism of Ben Bernanke/ Janet Yellen's low interest strategy was wrong for close to a decade.....Steve Liesman correctly fought both of them and faced constant ridicule, particularly constant shouting matches with Santelli and backstabbing from Kearnan. Kearnan IS a Conservative.....but he's primarily a nasty Trump suck up !!!

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