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I have watched CNBC for 25 years. Joe Kernen has become unacceptable, unwatchable and completely political.

He talks over everyone who has an opinion that he does not like. I remember Robert Rubin's recent interview. I was looking forward to listening to him not Kernan's political diatribe. Rubin treated him like a child to get throuh the interview while making his points.

As I recall he did the same thing to Lawrence Summers. He and Jack Welch were revolting. Two angry, defensive old men. While Kernan is not old he acts that way.

He constantly puts down Andrew Sorkin. I can guess it's jealousy. When I want politics I watch CNN, MSNBC, etc. Even on on the stand in cohosts this week had enough of him paraphrasing he said dicustedly that he always lets his politics hang out for all to see.

Shup him up or delete him. Donna Cianelli

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Love him but hope they do fire him. That way he can work at a real business network.


It’s incredible how the comments are saying Joe Kerman has to go because he has a political opinion. Alan, Becky, also have opinions.

Why isn’t anyone saying they have to go?

The 3 of them have a very good relationship, and a little banter here and there is actually a breathe of fresh air that they can disagree, and still make for a great morning program. Keep up the good work Joe!


I've always liked Squawk Box. About, when Joe was launching personal juvenile attacks on [in particular Adrew], Becky was the kindergarten teacher, "now c'mon boys, play nice".I gave feedback to CNBC.

He's off, his choice for POTUS interview was poor.........perhaps it was his exit interview.Any of the other three would have been more informative (Dom, Becky, Andrew) Joe may benefit from meds, anger managemet (I have). Best to Joe...........It'll be interesting to see if he returns.


Yeah, he used to be really good. But I think hes just been there too long. Time to move on Joe


I totally agreee with getting rid of the Joe Kernen from CNBC. The guy is a joke and more importantly he talks over everyone and takes away from the information his guests are trying to give. I started watching Squawk Box again this week and he’s not been there and it’s life changing for me.


Joe Kernan on CNBC is THE BEST !!! He challenges the Socialists who go CNBC Squawk Box.

Socialists have free reign on the mainstream media to spew their ideas of historically proven failed policies. Joe is the only one who will challenge the Communists/Socialists

to Anonymous #1536314

I agree. Joe is what keeps me watching. When he is not there it is a real drag to watch.


Joe is fine. Dan Nathan must be fired for his constant hate filled talk about President Trump. Tonight 7/18/2018 was the last straw.


I agree entirely. I have boycotted CNBC in the morning for months, hoping that Joe Kernen would have moved over to FOX where he belongs. He really destroys the credibility of CNBC as a business reporting channel, where facts as so important!


Democrats believe in free speech as long as it’s their speech


When he starts to egg on guests (not to mention Andrew and Becky) trying to get them to give economic credit to Trump, I have to change channels! It’s bad when one has to go to other broadcasts to escape Joe’s political dribble...


Totally agree. Joe Kernen has to go.

to Anonymous #1493296

Totally agree...jk is unwatchable. Please, CNBC, put him out of our misery and let him go to Fox where he belongs.

to Peter Barnes #1531736



Please take Joe Kernan off CNBC, he has nothing worthwhile to contribute. He comes off desperate as he talks over co-hosts and worse yet, guests.His quirks and overall manner is distracting, his comments are mumbled and often nonsensical. It is refreshing when a guest takes his place.


CNBC please fire Joe Kernen now, let's start a petition! Joe is an incompetent anchor, narrow minded, prejudiced, and can't put a coherent sentence together.

He is all that is wrong with this country! Why again is he on TV?I seriously wonder if he is brain injured and needs treatment.

Please can his *** before his undeserved pension gets too big. A culture of allowing the lazy and incompetent to be employed is a black mark on the reputation of CNBC and humanity.


Joe Kernen is a moron who stammers his way through Squawk Box like a brain injured geriatric. His stupidity is sometimes funny, but never constructive. What a time burglar, past his prime


Painful to watch JK’s mumbling & poor synergy with ARS and BQ.What is most infuriating is his constantly talking over CNBC guests! The viewing audience wants to hear these people.He attempts to be funny, he’s not.

He mumbles and stutters as he reads the prompte and lacks smoothness spontaneity. He comes off not appearing very smart and ill suited for the job.


He swears he’s funny,his jokes and sarcasm are lazy. He has a twin Michelle caruso Cabrera is his puppet. And why can’t this guy say his sentence without a stutter???


I agree. Why always overtake brilliant people, meander, and interrupts. There are a lot of great people in the show, and I like to hear them free speak......

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