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I have watched CNBC for 25 years. Joe Kernen has become unacceptable, unwatchable and completely political.

He talks over everyone who has an opinion that he does not like. I remember Robert Rubin's recent interview. I was looking forward to listening to him not Kernan's political diatribe. Rubin treated him like a child to get throuh the interview while making his points.

As I recall he did the same thing to Lawrence Summers. He and Jack Welch were revolting. Two angry, defensive old men. While Kernan is not old he acts that way.

He constantly puts down Andrew Sorkin. I can guess it's jealousy. When I want politics I watch CNN, MSNBC, etc. Even on on the stand in cohosts this week had enough of him paraphrasing he said dicustedly that he always lets his politics hang out for all to see.

Shup him up or delete him. Donna Cianelli

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Turning everything into a political discussion is unacceptable. I no longer watch CNBC when Kernen is on the air


I totally agree, this has become so political stuttering Joe should go. He would be a better fit at Fox News.


Squawk Box is unwatchable when Joe Kernan is not on. The whole show has gone down hill since that abysmal presidential debate performance. If you get rid of one, you should clean house with all of them.


right on I've been wondering why if kept him for years such a condescending arrogant person


Agree he’s an idiot


I can’t stand this guy. He talks over everyone.

I’m in CA and I have to wake up to and listen to this clown every morning.

He is not good for Pre-Open of anything. Please shut this guy down.


He fumbles through words. Acts like a know it all. And tired of seeing him and his man ***


Send him to Fox and replace with a real analyst , everything is politics , watching Bloomberg solely bc of Jk


Yes, I agree if I want politics I will consume MSNBC. Was he ever an employee of FOX?

Please find a new guest host. I am watching bloomberg instead of morning Squawk.


Hear! Hear!

Squawk Box used to be an enjoyable part of my daily routine. I’m so fed up with Kernens impolite, childish antics, I refuse to watch the show or the network until he’s gone.




No one wants to listen to Joe. He is condescending (not sure why because he demonstrates no expertise) and evokes complete disinterest from viewers.


Andrew and Becky are leaving Kernan way behind as a source of valuable information. Trade him to FOX for cash and a future consideration and then drop the consideration


Unfortunately, Joe Kernen lets his political views affect his interpretation of financial and economic news and outlook. He ignores science, even though he should understand the information with his educational background.

Thus, his politics cloud his rhetoric. At times, he is rude to guests, interrupting them and injecting his biases.

I try to avoid watching him, even though I like the time slot. CNBC has so many others who are more qualified, have journalistic integrity and are gracious to their guests.


Time for him to depart. Political diatribes about his conservative republican leanings I don't want to hear.

I used to tune in CNBC to see opening market news and not listen to him. Scratch me from being a long time CNBC fan bring back Mark Haines.


I so agree ! Kernen is a clown .

He vocalizes his ignorance with his constant conservative ridiculous rhetoric that is irrelevant on a financial news network . He should be on Fox where his audience might be interested in what he has to say .


Absolutely agree, Joe Kernen has become unwatchable. Given his political bias, how could anyone possibly trust anything that comes out of his mouth. Back in the day when Mr Kernen was shoved off into a corner with his face glued to his monitor screen and spoke only when spoken to, the show was much more informative.


I agree 100% Joe is a total republican tool that should be on Fox news not CNBC. His ideologies are as old and outdated as he is. Its also time Andrew got some balls and put Joe in his place.


He's obnoxious, I agree.


I had to stop watching squawk box in the morning because of Joe Kernan. Unless his political views are agreed with, he will start to argue with whoever that person is. Political views of individuals have no place in that venue, it is not why I watch, and Kernan is beyond obnoxious.