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I have watched CNBC for 25 years. Joe Kernen has become unacceptable, unwatchable and completely political.

He talks over everyone who has an opinion that he does not like. I remember Robert Rubin's recent interview. I was looking forward to listening to him not Kernan's political diatribe. Rubin treated him like a child to get throuh the interview while making his points.

As I recall he did the same thing to Lawrence Summers. He and Jack Welch were revolting. Two angry, defensive old men. While Kernan is not old he acts that way.

He constantly puts down Andrew Sorkin. I can guess it's jealousy. When I want politics I watch CNN, MSNBC, etc. Even on on the stand in cohosts this week had enough of him paraphrasing he said dicustedly that he always lets his politics hang out for all to see.

Shup him up or delete him. Donna Cianelli

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Joe seems to make to many unrelated comments that throw off the other anchors on the show. If you listen to their responses to Joe they generally hold back stronger criticism of his non sequiturs.

It's only further exacerbated when he interacts with guests who all seemed either underutilitized, bemused or visibly upset.

I'm sure in his prime Joe may have been more on point and insightful though it seems that that time has long ended. I think it's time for Joe to leave with the little dignity he has left.


Kernen goes out of his way to to make everyone aware of the fact that he is a trump sycophant. He jams his opinions in there constantly, usually where they dont belong killing the momentum of the show and catching evereryone off guard.( particularly those who thought they were there to talk business.

He cant seem to stop talking over, criticizing, fighting with and interrupting his guests and co-hosts when he suspects them of not being in total agreement with his political views. This is supposed to be a business show. Joe is behaving himself exactly like his president.

A unprofessional FOOL with all the brains, emotional stability and mental prowess of an 8 year old boy. FIRE JOE KERNAN.

to Anonymous #1565613

Well Said


Please get Joe off the air. He’s like that annoying uncle that you try to avoid at thanksgiving.

I get the idea of trying to present entertaining debate that features enlightened hosts expressing different views, but it’s just not working.

He’s either not smart enough or just doesn’t do his homework. There has to be someone else out there who can better represent a more conservative business ideology without coming off as so out of touch.


He's terrible, he should shut up and let intelligent people speak. He interrupts and is abusive with everyone on the show - I watch so I can keep up to date with real business and market news, he seems to care nothing about reality and is only there to promote dated political business ideology. Next!


He's unwatchable. He has a political angle to all of his questioning and comments. He doesn't belong on a business channel.


Joe Ki... is awful And unwatchable He holds his pen as a security blanket ,He’s the example of what not to do ! Please bring in another announcer ,that would bring back class and dignity to the BOX


I agree. He doesn’t seem particularly educated, even in basic business concepts and practices. Making it hard for me to watch anymore.


totally agree... I switch the chanel.

He provides NO GUIDANCE worth anything. Give him a gift: his retirement


Please remove Joe Kernen from Squwak Box to avoid the show being obscure and insane. His comments are really awful.


Love him but hope they do fire him. That way he can work at a real business network.


It’s incredible how the comments are saying Joe Kerman has to go because he has a political opinion. Alan, Becky, also have opinions.

Why isn’t anyone saying they have to go?

The 3 of them have a very good relationship, and a little banter here and there is actually a breathe of fresh air that they can disagree, and still make for a great morning program. Keep up the good work Joe!


I've always liked Squawk Box. About, when Joe was launching personal juvenile attacks on [in particular Adrew], Becky was the kindergarten teacher, "now c'mon boys, play nice".I gave feedback to CNBC.

He's off, his choice for POTUS interview was poor.........perhaps it was his exit interview.Any of the other three would have been more informative (Dom, Becky, Andrew) Joe may benefit from meds, anger managemet (I have). Best to Joe...........It'll be interesting to see if he returns.


Yeah, he used to be really good. But I think hes just been there too long. Time to move on Joe


I totally agreee with getting rid of the Joe Kernen from CNBC. The guy is a joke and more importantly he talks over everyone and takes away from the information his guests are trying to give. I started watching Squawk Box again this week and he’s not been there and it’s life changing for me.


Joe Kernan on CNBC is THE BEST !!! He challenges the Socialists who go CNBC Squawk Box.

Socialists have free reign on the mainstream media to spew their ideas of historically proven failed policies. Joe is the only one who will challenge the Communists/Socialists

to Anonymous #1536314

I agree. Joe is what keeps me watching. When he is not there it is a real drag to watch.


Joe is fine. Dan Nathan must be fired for his constant hate filled talk about President Trump. Tonight 7/18/2018 was the last straw.


I agree entirely. I have boycotted CNBC in the morning for months, hoping that Joe Kernen would have moved over to FOX where he belongs. He really destroys the credibility of CNBC as a business reporting channel, where facts as so important!


Democrats believe in free speech as long as it’s their speech

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